Ian James Parsley is recognised as one of Northern Ireland’s foremost public policy analysts, making regular appearances as a political and financial commentator on BBC NI and UTV, and providing presentations and training sessions on public finances and advocacy skills to all sectors. He also speaks and advises on language learning and social media, and has recently specialised in health transformation.

He runs the public affairs and communications business (Ultonia Communications) and served, for six years, as a local Councillor on North Down Borough Council. In 2011, he established the Breakthrough NI think tank (which focuses on innovation in poverty-tackling policy and action). He is a member of the cross-community Alliance Party but holds no office.

Ian is associated with a number of successful civic campaigns over the past decade. He is a leading road safety advocate; he led the campaign to establish the costs of segregation in Northern Ireland; and is now an advocate of welfare and health reform. His presentations and training focus on the need to re-design government in Northern Ireland (and across the West) to meet the challenge of the growing economies primarily of the Far East.

Ian is a qualified football referee and writes occasionally also on sport. He was until last year also a Director of NI Screen (promoting the creative and media industries in Northern Ireland) and a Trustee of the Open College Network NI (a qualifications awarding social enterprise).

A frequent traveller, Ian has advised governments and think tanks across Europe – from Poland to Catalonia – on communications and language policy. He has a particular interest in German-speaking Europe and Southern Africa.

A published author in the field of linguistics, Ian has also invested in revised and improved language learning techniques, delivered through courses at community level. He has also now begun investing also in the improved use of social media for business and political forecasting.

Ian’s wife Paula is also keenly involved in politics and the community. She was Director of an inner-city regeneration charity for nearly 15 years before being elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2016.

For all that, this blog is written in an entirely personal capacity. It focuses on a mix of political commentary both in Northern Ireland and elsewhere in Europe (in midweek), language issues (Fridays) and sport, particularly football (Mondays). It veers occasionally towards professional interests in PR and polling (Saturdays), and also contains guides to key elections and referendums in Europe and North America. Occasional guest blogs are now running.

Direct quotations appear in italics; emphasis in bold; links in underline; any errors or omissions the sole responsibility of the author.

All queries to info@ultonia.com or +44 (0)7956 045764.

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