Those Americans who did not vote for Hillary must accept ghastliness of error

One of the reasons the West and democracy itself are in such a dire position in 2017 is that too many people have come to believe they can have it all their own way without owning the consequences of their selfishness. Prime among the people who have engaged in such selfishness are those who had the opportunity to vote for Hillary Clinton in November and did not do so.

Another reason is the tendency to overexaggerate anything, for example by calling anyone slightly right of centre a “Nazi”. The obvious problem is that when the Nazis actually appear, you look like the girl who cried wolf.

In Virginia at the weekend the Nazis actually appeared, an incident which can only be described as “terrorism” took place, and a young innocent woman was killed. Then, the only alternative to Hillary Clinton in November’s Presidential Election President was lily livered in his response, blaming everyone equally. Essentially, what happened is that the President of the United States gave succour to Nazis.

We should be unsurprised. The same man mocked disabled people, was outed as an outrageous sexist (and sex-obsessed) maniac, cranked up xenophobia and engaged in a campaign of mass deceit during the election campaign. It was obvious who he was. That is why anyone who had the opportunity to vote for the only alternative to him in November and failed to do so needs to look at themselves and accept responsibility for the dire state of the nation now. By allowing someone with the current President’s values into the White House, they are responsible for enabling the further promotion of those values. Those values and the inevitable accompanying behaviour are appalling and dangerous.

It is simply not good enough to say your favoured candidate wasn’t on the ticket, or that the Democratic nominee wasn’t great, or whatever other excuse you can muster. The choice was a sexist, xenophobic Nazi-backed disability mocker one one hand, or a civilised human being on the other. It was not a difficult choice, and those who failed to make it bear direct responsibility for the outcome.

“Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will” – Martin Luther King

It is essential, at the very least, that the error is recognised and that it is never again repeated. With the right to participate in democracy comes the responsibility to elect those who will protect it.


3 thoughts on “Those Americans who did not vote for Hillary must accept ghastliness of error

  1. 416 says:

    I’m no expert on psychology, but I believe cognitive dissonance can apply to the stereotypical Trump supporter. Good luck persuading them. If our experiences in N.I. count for anything, we know how difficult it is to alter some people’s entrenched world view.

  2. Edward McCamley says:

    You omitted to mention the apologists for Trump on this side of the Atlantic, not least, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and Jacob Rees Mogg. We also had the unseemly grovelling of Theresa May in her anxiety to seek a post Brexit trade deal. There is some excuse for Rednecks; none for this lot.

  3. We must also blame the antiqated electoral college system in U S for trump being elected, this system from before the american civil war compensated the slave states for the fact that slaves could not vote and gave them a enhanced say relative to population to compensate for this hillary clinton got 2 million more votes than trump let us not forget.

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