To achieve “exactly the same benefits” as Single Market, you have to stay in it

The competition for “Most ludicrous policy on Brexit” is a stiff one, but it is now almost certainly led by the Labour Party. Its stance that the UK must leave the EU but retain exactly the same benefits as Single Market membership is just, well, silly. There is only one way to retain the exact same benefits of Single Market membership, and that is to stay in the Single Market.

What is more, remaining in the Single Market will require an annual payment, on which there will be no rebate. In other words, it will cost more or less the same as outright EU membership – with less influence.

Labour could quite easily square this circle. It should demand a referendum on the terms of exit negotiated, versus remaining in the EU. That would at least give the public the choice of supporting the “exact same benefits”, now that leaving has focused our minds on what they are, by voting to retain them through retaining membership.


One thought on “To achieve “exactly the same benefits” as Single Market, you have to stay in it

  1. The best they can hope for is a kind of Common Market, but the Brexiteer exceptionalism instincts mean they wish to head for a Nothing in Common Market.

    It’s like playing football, you don’t get better at football through training to be a referee, you train to be the ones playing the game.

    In the European Union the British weren’t that bad at the game, Europe’s best in Science, Creative Industries and possibly Finance too, but try to change the rules to their own advantage and they may find no one will want to play with them any more.

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