Happy Independence Day?

Our friends across the Atlantic celebrate their Independence Day today, of course. What about the UK’s so-called equivalent?

As I wrote at the time, for a start, if you count the EU as “not being independent”, the UK has never been independent. As a Union, it has either been at the centre of an empire or a large part of a large common market.

I do not buy that the UK is suddenly becoming a haven of pro-EU opinion. I suspect, all things considered, a narrow majority of the population would rather, all things being equal, exist outside the EU.

However, there is growing recognition that all things are not equal. Everything from trade, to Health Research, to educational exchanges depend on interdependence, not independence. Support for leaving the EU was in any case narrow and was predicated on departure being a financial gain (remember the bus?)

So I do not think people are turning against Brexit in principle, but they are perhaps in practice. Quite how that plays out over the next year and a half is extremely uncertain. This Independence Day things are totally up in the air on both sides of the Atlantic.


One thought on “Happy Independence Day?

  1. William Allen says:

    It is so sad that people can not see the benefits of unity above and beyond the economy. Especially in an ever more dangerous world with fanatics to the East and a potential risk to the west.

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