Paris withdrawal continues collapse of West

The United States’ decision to ally with Syria and Nicaragua in opposition to the Paris climate accord is extremely bad news for the global fight against climate change. It is also the latest chapter in the inward collapse of the West.

With the UK removing itself from the EU and the US removing itself from global environmental accords, the Western world is collapsing inward in a way not seen since just before World War One. Global climate change is exactly that – global. The notion that the only things which affect us are those which occur within the borders of the sovereign state in which we happen to live is the height of dangerous, populist, ignorance. Yet rapidly it is becoming a mainstream and majority political view, at least in the English-speaking world.

It is hard to see what the way back is. But Open, Internationalist, Populist Liberals are going to have to stop arguing with each other and find a way to win – fast.


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