Chelsea’s incredible season undiminished

Suffice to say, as an Arsenal fan, I thoroughly dislike Chelsea. As a result, of all Arsenal’s FA Cup triumphs, that of 2002 and 2017 probably rank as the sweetest.

From an objective point of view, however, Chelsea’s accomplishment in the League this season has not been fully recognised. Horrifying though it is for me to point it out, Chelsea in fact set an all-time top-flight record of 30 league wins out of 38. I have not had a lot of time to check, but I have to say I have not seen this noted anywhere.

To apply yourself to a team which wins 30 Premier League games in a single season is astonishing. Week in, week out, Chelsea found a way not just to avoid defeat, but to win – home and almost equally as often away. Only one club in history has accumulated more points than this Chelsea team (that – again, horrifying though it is to admit it – was also Chelsea, in 2005).

It will definitely be a disappointment that this Chelsea side could not match the 2010 vintage in winning the Double (the last team to do so – another horror!), but it goes down in the record books for an accomplishment in the ‘W’ column which is unmatched in history, and may not be matched for a while. It certainly won’t be matched by Arsenal any time soon…


2 thoughts on “Chelsea’s incredible season undiminished

  1. Seymour Major says:

    You are an unusual Arsenal fan. Instead of saying ‘as an Arsenal fan, I thoroughly dislike Chelsea’ such a fan would more likely say ‘Its a good thing that Chelsea won the title because it meant that Spurs did not’

    I am a long-suffering Spurs fan. Ever since the early 70s, Spurs have been under-achievers. What is particularly galling is that in this year (2017) they have set an incredible record in the league (50 points from 20 games – better than Chelsea in the same period) and come away with nothing. In many other seasons, a points total of 86 would have won the title. Full credit to Chelsea though. On an objective level, I share your admiration for their achievement.

    As for 2017-18 title?

    Its hard to see that any other club will be able to match Chelsea or Tottenham although I wish Chelsea a dose of Leicesteritus and look forward to seeing Tottenham lifting the title for the first time in 56 years.

    • Such is my dislike of Chelsea, I’m not even sure I prefer them to win it over Spurs! And again my objective side thinks Spurs should have won *something* this decade for the standard of performance, particularly this season (Arsenal hasn’t beaten 86 points or even really come close since the Invincibles).

      Unfortunately from your point of view I think playing “home” games at Wembley will severely hinder Spurs next season.

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