“Liberals” fail another media test

A notable rag of a newspaper last week ran a front page picture which focused on two political leaders’ legs.

Liberal social media went ballistic. And, thus, missed the point yet again.

For getting the Liberal social media to go ballistic was the whole point. Yet again a raft of left-liberals ranted, as if a logical position was going to persuade this particular paper of the error of its ways.

Meanwhile, the paper itself is the second most profitable globally, outstripping any competition in the UK several-fold.

What it had done successfully was move the whole story away from the real issues, all while allowing its own Conservative/Brexiteer readership to enjoy the spectacle of the “other side” retreating into righteous (but actually pointless) indignation.

No one needed to be told why the picture and the headline were wrong. By commenting so widely on it, left-liberals yet again left Conservatives/Brexiteers to frame the debate exactly the way they wanted.

Yet again also, it would pay to note that Conservatives/Brexiteers are the voting majority in the UK and have been for some time. Left-liberals really should have worked out by now that what they are doing is wrong. We know the definition of those who do the same thing and expect a different result.

Righteous indignation in social media does not deliver actual real-world social change. Securing real power and influence means framing the debate the way you want it and working hard to earn the trust even of people who do not agree with you on every point. When will the supposedly better educated left-liberals work that one out?!


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