World in 2016 is a great place

Global poverty (i.e. subsisting on under what, in 1980, was $1/day) has halved since 1980.

In that time, the total extent of human knowledge has risen over 350-fold.

For the first time ever, the majority of the world’s population lives in a democracy.

More people have access to healthcare, welfare and information than at any time in history.

People live longer in every part of the world than they ever have; not least because road fatality rates have halved this century and people are less likely to be victim of a violent death than ever before. (It’s an extreme case, but in 1972 there were 480 violent deaths in Northern Ireland; in 2016 there have been 15.)

Scientific endeavour is eradicating diseases, delivering improved medicines, and uncovering aspects of the universe around us which move us closer to answering the ultimate question of whether we are alone.

People are freer, healthier and more educated than at any time in human history.

Just some thoughts about how bad things are in 2016…

Happy New Year.





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