FIFA intent on destroying World Cup

I would frankly have more faith in Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Arlene Foster running FIFA than the corrupt buffoons who actually do. Never in human history have so many idiots congregated to try to ruin a perfectly good thing.

The latest pile of garbage is Mr Infantino’s ludicrous suggestion for a 48-team World Cup, yet another attempt to fix something which isn’t remotely broken. Of course, we could just about have 12 groups of four with an intermediate playoff round before the last sixteen, but that would be daft. Of course, Mr Infantino’s plan is even dafter; groups of three with, unbelievably, the top two progressing. He then presents as advantageous the ridiculous idea of having a knockout tournament from 32 teams in.

Cue 48 teams packing the defence to scramble through the first round, then packing the defence again through five potential penalty shoot-outs. Frankly it would be as effective to just draw the winner out of a hat – and probably a good deal more exciting.

FIFA had long since perfected the art of crazed claptrap, of course. It is the sort of organisation which will thrive in this loco “post-truth” world. But frankly, if it tries anything of this sort, the large associations had better withdraw and set up their own tournament. That is, if they want anyone to watch it.


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