No, we do not “give Trump a chance”

The reaction of the UK and Irish Governments to the election of Donald Trump as US President has appalled me.

It is jumping on a bandwagon which has already become too mainstream – that we should “give Trump a chance”.


Mr Trump had his chance. During the primaries and then the general election campaign, he abused that chance.

Overtly mocking a disabled reporter should have been the end of it for a start.

Essentially suggesting sexual abuse of women was tolerable should certainly have been the end of it.

Suggesting that an entire nation was made up of “rapists” was utterly unacceptable.

And now the demonstration of all this is upon us – a President Elect who hides from scrutiny behind a social media account, thinks crucial government appointments are a game show, and recruits almost exclusively white men alongside a Vice President who thinks homosexuals can be cured.

So to anyone who thinks we should “give him a chance”, I say what the hell is wrong with you?

The United States has elected to its highest office a dangerous narcissist who stands opposed to the basics of open, civilised democracy.

Give him a chance?!! We must oppose him proactively and vehemently at every turn – just like the majority of Americans did earlier this month.



4 thoughts on “No, we do not “give Trump a chance”

  1. 416 says:

    I’m with you. I hear people say “Let’s wait and see” but I’d rather he just quit while he was behind.

  2. William Allen says:

    I am disgusted by what Mr Trump seems to stand for, and I can only think that his popularity with the electorate represents some sort of backlash against the growing culture of political correctness. While I certainly am personally disgusted by his appalling attitude to women etc, I feel that the increasing pressure to ‘ban’ people who do not care so much about such things expressing the way they actually think is actually becoming counter productive. In that I agree with Trevor Phillips the former head of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights. I would also in part blame the Democratic Party for running Hilary Clinton. For a variety of different reasons (but primarily the fact that she was in the pocket of the Arms Industry) I actually think a Clinton victory may have been just as bad.

  3. […] someone seriously concerned about the winning candidate, I don’t have to like the outcome. But as a democrat, I have to accept it. Otherwise I lose […]

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