How to leave EU – a response, at last!

I asked, way back on 30 August, for thoughts from those who voted Leave about how the UK should actually go about leaving the EU.

Until 23 November, I had received no response. Then I found myself in correspondence with a UKIP MEP and asked if he would put forward his proposal on this blog.

Now, admittedly, his initial response was in fact primarily about why we should leave rather than how (it is peculiar how many people who say the referendum is final then insist on refighting it), although for the record he did mention we did not need Trade Deals.

However, after a second email reminding him of the challenge he did kindly respond – and I am content to publish that response in full here, as promised.

I have written a book entitled __ ____ __ _______, that explains in detail how we can leave the EU.  You can obtain a copy from _________ _____ ___ if you would like to read it.

Now, clearly, I have had to abridge that a bit because the thing is, by “obtain”, he actually meant “purchase”.

The requirement to actually pay money to read his views about how to go about leaving the EU is an interesting example of his commitment to his cause, and perhaps explains his party leadership’s obsession with another senior businessman-politician across the Atlantic.

Nevertheless, that is literally the most detailed response I have had for three months, so we should be thankful for that.

Can anyone do better?


7 thoughts on “How to leave EU – a response, at last!

  1. korhomme says:

    I’m not surprised there were no responses. Firstly, just what is ‘Brexit’? What bits are we leaving and what bits, if any, are we trying to hold onto. Secondly, if Theresa May with all the resources of government doesn’t know how to do it, how can the rest of us think we might have an idea? We don’t even know if Brexit is possible

    • Indeed. “We don’t even know if Brexit is possible”. Is it not about time we heard some honesty about that?!

      • korhomme says:

        Aren’t we now in a ‘post-truth’ society where emotion overrules facts? And honesty from politicians, c’mon!

        In NI we did have some appreciation of the ‘Border problem’ and the complexities of the GFA; and perhaps of Article 50; and now we have the EEA’s Articles 127-28 as well.

  2. I have counted two entries into a Brexit competition as the only two proposals on offer. Brexit is tied with Irish unification in terms of research papers made.

  3. My proposal would be …
    1. Security & Defence negotiations … Relatively easy to get agreement.
    2. Rights co-operations arrangement … If not in EEA, a bilateral treaty is needed here.
    3. Trade, Regulations & Customs …
    4. Other loose ends

  4. 1729torus says:

    Are you familiar with “Flexcit”? It was written before the referendum by a guy who was in the EU civil service as I recall.

    [long pdf]:

    • Many thanks for this.

      I was not familiar with it and have not had time to read more than the summary.

      It is, frankly, the best attempt I have seen. To be returned to!

      Many thanks for sharing.

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