Chancellor in fantasy land re EU-27 “economic interest”

UK Chancellor Philip Hammond thinks the rest of the EU will not force the UK out of the European Free Trade Area because it is “not in their economic interest to do so”.


Because here is the thing: as Mr Hammond well knows, leaving the EU in the first place is not in the UK’s “economic interest”.

Yet he is in a government proceeding to do so because it is being held hostage by British-nationalist populists.

Well you know what? The next French President will be held hostage by French-nationalist populists (if not one herself); the next Dutch government will be held hostage by Dutch-nationalist populists; the current Danish government already is held hostage by Danish-nationalist populists; the next Austrian President will be an Austrian-nationalist populist; the Hungarian government is a Hungarian-populist one; Bulgaria just elected a Russian-leaning President; and Italy is, well, Italy (cf. this coming Sunday).

Leaving the EU is not in the UK’s economic interest but it is in its government’s political interest (it judges, anyway).

Well you know what? Forcing the UK out of the Free Trade Area may or may not be in France’s, or the Netherlands’, or Denmark’s, or Austria’s, or Hungary’s, or Italy’s, or Bulgaria’s economic interests, but it definitely will be in their governments’ political interests.

See? Leaving the EU means it is 27 against 1.

Well you know what? That means the 27 will get what they want – politically.


4 thoughts on “Chancellor in fantasy land re EU-27 “economic interest”

  1. William Allen says:

    Even with 27 to 1, if government after government had not run the Royal Navy down to nothing we could have blockaded maritime trade into the EU until we got what we wanted.

    • What dumb logic.
      1. You can’t use a boat to block the terrain border with the Republic of Ireland.
      2. There were several European empires while the British Empire was at its peak.
      3. Those ships need Russian Oil imported from the European continent.

      So by all means use stupid gunboat diplomacy, people with that attitude who think they could extort things have broken the Northern Ireland economy and still do.

  2. The hardest discussion that the UK has to make with the EU28 will be itself.
    I suppose you could probably blur the lines between shallow nationalism and economics given freight is necessary for military goods. 22 NATO allies and 6 neutral neighbours including the Republic of Ireland you need to cooperate on security with, brinkmanship and bargaining will have to give way to beneficial beaurocracy.k

  3. andyboal says:

    It’s not even the political interest of the other 27 here. It’s the fact that the economic damage caused by failure to reach a deal will be far greater to the UK than it would be to the rest of them – albeit that Ireland wouldn’t be far behind.

    As long as British people demand European goods and will keep paying for them, the EU has a lot of security in its position.

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