Executive burning £1 million each year

Last week the Northern Ireland Executive decided to burn £1 million of your and my rates money each year.

Bizarrely, on the very day it was talking up the need to reconfigure Health Services and rationalise the Health Estate, the Executive inexplicably decided to keep open six underused courthouses, at a cost of over £1 million each year.

Where the obvious thing would be to merge them with those in neighbouring market towns, thus creating fully used courthouses and saving £6 million over the Assembly term, the Executive has opted instead to spend money it simply does not need to. Throw this on top of the £11 million it has already decided to waste in the same period training too many teachers in a segregated environment, as well as the amount of money it refuses to raise through mutualisation of assets, and the millions begin to stack up.

It is incoherent and incomprehensible. Yet, bizarrely, the “Official Opposition” backs this waste!

Oh dear oh dear…


One thought on “Executive burning £1 million each year

  1. £1m per year really doesn’t seem like all that much. How much would it have cost to actually close (or mothball) them? Or is the £1m figure the resultant savings?

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