Right’s response to “Gay Cake” lets everyone down

“If a gay baker was asked to bake a cake with a homophobic message on it, wouldn’t he have every right to refuse?” asks Dan Hannan MEP.

Oh dear oh dear. Of course they could refuse. Homophobic messaging, like racism for example, is a hate crime.

Whereas here’s the thing: supporting same-sex marriage is not a hate crime. Does Mr Hannan really not know the difference?

It is genuinely alarming how many people do not (or, at least, pretend not to) see this. Supporting same-sex marriage is not some deviant craze; it is a widespread mainstream political opinion (which, out of interest, had the support of most MLAs voting the last time it was tested in the Assembly).

It is in fact those making those ludicrous false parallels (as well as deliberately attempting to create a false wedge between “Christian” on one side and “LGBT” on the other, as if they were mutually exclusive) who need to look at themselves. They are the ones doing the marginalising; they are the ones doing the discriminating; and indeed they are the ones falling well short of the standards demanded by any loving God.



3 thoughts on “Right’s response to “Gay Cake” lets everyone down

  1. William Allen says:

    If you follow what is written in the Bible then homosexuality is sin. This is the excuse certain people make to cover their prejudice. They do not apply the same thought process to other behaviors that are declared as sinful in the Bible. Also sadly I have found that on all sorts of issues, the more religious the person, the more intolerant they are of others who think or act differently than they do. However the LBGT community would do well to be less militant. They remind me of cyclists.

  2. The Listener says:

    Strong stuff Ian, however you miss the point. In our liberal society, it would be futile and akin to King Canute to oppose the lawful and intimate actions of same sex couples, however it is the word, “marriage” which causes the problem with those who have deep religious convictions. To some people “marriage” connotes a relationship between two people, one male and one female, each supporting the other in “holy” marriage for the procreation of children. To many people the use of the word “marriage” with regard to same sex unions is a step too far. For others who have but a passing regard for religion it is no great deal. Therefor in Northern Ireland, it’s people and politicians must decide, do we embrace modernity and secularism, without regard for serious belief in Christian and other religions, or consign them to minority and optional practice. Is that indeed already a fact of life with declining church attendances?

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