We need to talk about US men’s attitudes towards women

The polls – which in the US, thankfully, tend to be more accurate than in the UK – are now pointing to a clear Hillary victory in next month’s Presidential Election.

However, they also show one very alarming thing – that if only men voted, she would lose.

Men alone, in fact, would hand victory to a man who believes sexual assault of women (apparently of any age) is legitimate.

In 2016.

Think about that.

What does it tell us about American men? What does it tell us about their attitudes? What indeed would such an outcome tell society?

It is a thundering disgrace, on this issue alone, that a plurality even in any individual state would vote for someone of such a view in the 21st century.

A candidate who treats women primarily as objects for his own sexual gratification is deeply insecure, socially inept, fundamentally uncivilised and should not receive a single electoral college vote.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Americans?


7 thoughts on “We need to talk about US men’s attitudes towards women

  1. William Allen says:

    Much as Trump disgusts me, I would be very reluctant to vote for Clinton if I was a US citizen (I also would not vote Trump). Perhaps if it was a different female candidate things would be different for the male population. They are faced with a choice of a man with no personal moral integrity and a woman who is devious and dishonest. The USA is in a bad place.

    • The US is a bad place.

      However, the choice is to endorse Trump’s attitude towards women or oppose it. There isn’t another option.

      Voters do have a responsibility to consider what extremes will make of a particular outcome, before determining which outcome they push!

  2. 416 says:

    I’ve travelled to the US dozens of times for work, touring the country from city to city for weeks on end at a time. In recent years I’ve begun to dread returning, and only this year I’ve finally said “I’m not going there.”

    I had other personal reasons too, but the way things are going, I’d be happy never setting foot in the US again. The general level of ignorance is becoming too much — it’s not funny anymore, it’s dangerous.

    • I am heading there in a couple of weeks!

      But yes, I do see your point. There is a particular personal reason in this case, but I do wonder how long it’ll be before I return after that.

  3. The Listener says:

    Before we are too censorious let us look at the situation in UK and Ireland, indeed in many societies. The attitude you deplore is probably deep down in most young males, based on confusion with regard to relationships, enhanced by peer group confusion. Young girls may have the same problem but in a different way. It is essential that young people are taught at school about making relationships so that they have a mature and respectful approach to sexual relationships. I guess that in most societies this is not a high priority. Unless this all worked out through a “hit and miss” approach through to a settled marriage a Trump perceived attitude may well continue in the male mind through to old age.

  4. William Allen says:

    ‘The US is a bad place’! That’s is some generalization. I have travelled many times to the US and to a range of Asian and European countries and have found Americans to be warmer and more welcoming than most. I don’t like everything about their system but it is not a bad country. My experience of Israel and the UAE are much more negative.

  5. Alan Frost says:

    As (perhaps) your token American male on this blog, I must protest. Donald Trump does not represent me or any of the men I know. There are obviously men and women out there who support his presidency as there are people across Europe who support far-right parties. In the United States, the same Fox News style propaganda machine that has attacked President Obama for 8 years and Hillary Clinton even longer feeds these people the lies they need to prop up their troglodyte value system. Most Americans reject this, and we will prevail at the polls.

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