Brexiteers’ BMW farce

How anyone with a knighthood can repeat the total economic nonsense that the Germans will not foist a “Hard Brexit” upon us because “we buy BMWs” is cause for serious alarm about the state of democracy.

Firstly, this depends on trade – if the UK has nothing to sell, it will not be able to earn money to buy.

Secondly, if you wish to remain in a free trade zone, you need to abide by its rules – including its trade descriptions, trading standards and so on.

If people don’t want to leave the Single Market, frankly, they should not be advocating leaving the body which sets those rules – namely the EU.


7 thoughts on “Brexiteers’ BMW farce

  1. Ian – I’m curious what precisely you mean by the phrase “leave the Single Market”.

    I suspect a differing understanding of the phrase is the cause of many of the differences in outlook between Brexiteers and Remainers.

    • andyboal says:

      Andy, a hard Brexit implies leaving the Single Market and reverting to WTO “most preferred nation” tariffs.

      The dream of those promoting hard Brexit is that our desire for German cars will leave Germany desperate to promote a good deal with the UK that wouldn’t require free movement of people in return for free movement of goods and services. On the contrary: the fact that we want German cars, French and Italian wines, Swiss and Dutch cheese, and Danish Lego would ensure that the hit on EU manufacturers of WTO tariffs will be far less than the hit on UK manufacturers.

      For that simple reason, any brinksmanship by the UK is doomed. We need the deal far more than the EU does.

      • And all the goods and services we can export to the EU? Particularly given the drop in value of the GBP, this will only serve to increase our exports attractiveness and profitability.

        And then there is the rest of the world – they’re quite keen to buy from us as well.

        So we leave a constraining common regulatory regime and can sell non-EU conformant products and services to non-EU customers at a better margin.

      • andyboal says:

        The ability to do that is limited by economies of scale of running separate production lines and the added cost of transportation which can still leave us very uncompetitive.

        Cheap exports to the EU will still be subject to WTO tariffs, making them uncompetitive as well, and severely endangering what we have left of a motor industry – JLR pointed out a few weeks ago that they import a lot of components.

  2. The Listener says:

    Whether the UK leaves the EU and its single market and even if it trades under WTO rules, as with trading with any other country our goods must respect the trading standards of the recipient country.

  3. Seymour Major says:

    “If people don’t want to leave the Single Market”

    For the vast majority who voted leave, the most important issue was immigration. The single market was already discounted by most of those people. One might think that many of those people are stupid. However, this a clash of values. You will not persuade the vast majority of leave campaigners to change their point of view just because we are disadvantaged over trade or set to loose a massive amount of business from the City of London.

    On the subject of values, there are many remainers (myself included) who put the democratic will of the people at the top of their political value system. People like me find it abhorrent that politicians, such as Nick Clegg are pursuing a campaign to stop Brexit through the abuse of power.

    Clegg and Co. ought to read up on their national history in order to get some perspective. They could start by reading the history of the English Civil War.

    There will be turmoil for a few years as trade deals are worked out and this country’s GDP will nosedive. But that’s democracy. Lets move on.

  4. There was a time, in my lifetime, that the majority of the UK public wanted to retain the death penalty. Legislators showed leadership and courage, and abolished it anyway. That’s representative democracy, and a properly moral parliament, in action.

    The referendum result does not bind the legislature. Sovereignty rests with The Queen in Parliament, not with the Prime Minister in Cabinet.

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