Breakfast means Breakfast

I left the EU at the weekend to head to the Channel Islands where, among many other examples of supremely generous hospitality, my hosts gave me a wonderful granola oats cereal for breakfast.

(Which reminds me, I must ask them precisely which one it was, because it was nicer than all the ones I’ve bought for myself.)

Even within the range of granola oats, therefore, there is a marked difference between combinations which I like and combinations which I do not like – in other words, between combinations I would choose to eat, and combinations which would have me reaching instead for the muesli. Or maybe even the Weetabix, with or without sugar (depending on where on the satisfaction versus health scale I’m daring to tread).

Actually, yesterday I was a bit hurried and ended up merely with a breakfast bar. That wasn’t really very satisfying but it basically did the job.

Whereas one day last week I attended a business breakfast with the full fry. That was very satisfying although, to be fair, it probably wasn’t very healthy.

On Monday at the airport I ended up with an entirely unsatisfactory mid-morning muffin – too late, too gooey, too unhealthy.

So, merely with breakfast alone, we have the distinction between healthy granola oats I like and do not like; muesli as an alternative; healthy and unhealthy Weetabix; a speedy breakfast bar (with various options) or muffin (always ill-advised); and of course an unhealthy but highly enjoyable full fry (particularly if served). The range of options along both the healthy and enjoyable spectrum is marked. As long as you don’t want marmite.

Yet some people, astonishingly, would have you believe there is no distinction between them at all. Apparently we all live in an incredibly simple world where Breakfast means Breakfast


2 thoughts on “Breakfast means Breakfast

  1. Clive Wylie says:

    Great article Ian, reminds me of time when I asked for scrambled eggs in our local Gastro-Pub, not possible was the answer, only fried eggs were on the menu!

    When Cameron travelled the length and breadth of Europe trying to convince our partners to make a change to the breakfast menu, head Chefs Merkel and Hollande wouldnt budge. Breakfast is a 3 course fixed menu he was told you have to eat it all, every course, or leave hungry.

    How we now wish they had been more creative and flexible with their ingredients. The intransigence of the two head chefs has lost them a valuable big spending customer.

    Let’s hope like our local Gastro-pub, a change of ownership brings a relaunch, a new menu and little by little slowly starts to attract their good customers back.

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