Hillary campaign making all the same mistakes as #Remain

Last night’s debate was a clear win for Hillary Clinton – well prepared, knowledgeable and thoughtful. However, I think we still have to take seriously the prospect of a Donald Trump Presidency.


Because it appears to me, admittedly as an absolute outsider, that the Hillary campaign is making all the same mistake the “Remain” campaign made in the UK.

Put basically, “He lied” is not news.

Indeed, constantly moaning about the other side “lying” constitutes the very type of apparent elite snobbery that the likes of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage feed off. Politicians lie. So what? Are they not all the same?

Therefore every time Donald Trump is accused of lying, he can turn it to his advantage – “Look at these sneering intellectuals who have gained from globalisation trying to trick you with their fuzzy math! But you and I know what’s really going on…”

People who voted “Leave” knew the £350m line was probably nonsense. The point is, “Leave” offered at least the prospect of more money for Health (even if it was improbably), whereas “Remain” eliminated such a prospect entirely. The logic was that even if more money for Health was only an a million-to-one shot if we left the EU, that is still a better chance than staying in it.

Likewise, even if Trump is lying, and even if in fact he can do hardly any of the things he’s promising, that is still more than Hillary will do (and she lies too, you know, because they all do…)

The “Remain” campaign was doomed from the very moment it started every debate with “The EU isn’t perfect but…”

Would you sell a washing powder that way? “I know it isn’t perfect, but on balance, particularly with colours, it is probably just a bit better than some of the others”? No.

Likewise, those who really do not want Trump in the White House are going to have to stop the “I know Hillary isn’t ideal, but…” line.

Actually, as she showed in the debate, Hillary Clinton is a women of immense ability, astonishing attention to detail, and significant international renown who would serve the United States with distinction. It seems to me that it is about time her campaign started focusing on that incredibly simple, but absolutely vital, point.



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