Juncker part of the problem, not solution

Jean-Claude Juncker is exactly the kind of Eurocrat who made a lot of people vote “Leave” in the summer.

Perhaps the EU administration’s most powerful individual, it is astonishing that he is still in post. If he really cared about the EU, having just lost a referendum which will likely see the Union lose its second largest member, he would have resigned months ago. Instead he continues to lecture others without taking a second to reflect that maybe, just maybe, the type of European integration he proposes in fact has little democratic support across Europe.

The UK Government has degenerated into embarrassing chaos as it comes to terms with the sheer scale (and, frankly, utter pointlessness) of the “Brexit” task before it. Yet it is not alone. The EU has to reform not just its institutions, but its whole purpose and vision. That will not happen with the likes of Mr Juncker still in post.


2 thoughts on “Juncker part of the problem, not solution

  1. I would agree, he was pretty much the strawman persona of the European Union as much as Nigel Farage was the strawman persona of Brexit.

    Perhaps if there are problems with Brexit, Farage will become the scapegoat regardless of where his “getting his life back” journey takes him to next.

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