102 years on, we have learned nothing from WW1

The lights went out across Europe this day 102 years ago. A generation never saw them lit again.

The tragedy is not just the 17 million lives lost in that war and the 50 million lost in the one directly consequent to it. The tragedy is we have not learned.

I wish I could disagree with Tobias Stone in this article about how history is bound to repeat itself. Indeed, I have written similar myself, though not as effectively.

I am not by nature particularly a pessimist, but 102 years on the lights are about to go out again. Post-factual eras where people ignore those who actually know what they are talking about and turn to strong men always turn out the same way – in revolution and war. We can only hope it will not take as long this time for the light to return.

One thought on “102 years on, we have learned nothing from WW1

  1. I don’t have any difficulty disagreeing with Tobias Stone because he gets his facts wrong. For example, he lists events of supposed mass destruction. He is right about the Black Death but the Wars of the Roses? That is pure nonsense.
    There are patterns in history, most notably in primeval instincts that drive human behaviour. There are good events in history as well as bad ones. There always will be but that is not the same thing as history repeating itself. It is also wrong to declare that history repeated itself because we were against Germany in a World war twice in the twentieth century.
    Please, let’s stop this talk about history repeating itself in the sense of it being the basis for an appocolyptic prophecy. It’s like the disease of following astrology or Nostradamus.

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