Brexiteers don’t want to “leave”, they want to *quit*

The choice this day next week really is this simple.


In a world where the major geopolitical powers are the United States, China and the European Union, the UK enjoys a privileged position – as confidant of the former and member of the latter. As a result, for 40 years since it opted into Europe with the encouragement of the United States, the UK has enjoyed the fastest per capita economic growth of any large industrialised country.

This is a world in which the UK outside the European Union would be a geopolitical irrelevance. The two main geopolitical powers in the West would be irritated by the UK’s decision to opt out, but would simply have to get on with it. China and other rising powers are too strong, and Russia too unpredictable, for Washington and Brussels to worry about countries intent on splitting themselves off from their natural allies.

Ultimately, the choice for the UK is not to remain or to leave, but to remain or to quit. Quitting is what the Brexiteers are all about. Apparently the UK simply isn’t clever enough to get its way with the Belgians and the Austrians, so it will just quit. The notion of “halting ze German advance” speaks not of xenophobia or racism but of a deep insecurity. Insecure people are indeed inclined to give up and quit. (And lie.)

That’s what Boris, Nigel, the fantasists who run NIPSA and those sorts of guys are (and they are all guys) – deeply insecure people who cannot cope with the modern world and are inclined to quit when they don’t get absolutely everything their own way.

The old maxim goes: Quitters never win, and winners never quit. And those who never win and never quit, like Nigel, are idiots.

Don’t be a quitter. Opt into the modern world and an influential place within it. Vote REMAIN next week.


2 thoughts on “Brexiteers don’t want to “leave”, they want to *quit*

  1. Ed says:

    That’s what Boris, Nigel, the fantasists who run NIPSA and those sorts of guys are (and they are all guys)

    All guys? Arlene Foster, Priti Patel, Penny Mordaunt, Andrea Leadsom, Theresa Villiers, Gisela Stuart, …

  2. Well the mystery box is not a complete mystery as there are some precedents …

    1. Greenland negotiating out

    In the first case, you have to remember is that both these “countries” utterly depend on an EU member state in Denmark. This is from a Westminster briefing paper …

    “There were difficult and protracted negotiations between the Greenland Government and the Danish Government, and the Danish Government and the European Commission,
    particularly with regard to fisheries. The Council of Ministers adopted a Decision on the terms of Greenland’s withdrawal on 20 February 1984, and Greenland finally withdrew from the EEC on 1 February 1985. Greenland became associated with the EU as an Overseas
    Country and Territory (OCT) through the Greenland Treaty. This kind of association would not be an option for the UK if it left the EU. ”

    I would dispute that in its entirety, as the United Kingdom could in theory choose to be an Overseas Country and Territory of a Member State by giving up sovereignty.

    2. Former French, British, Belgian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch colonies leaving the EEC/EU after gaining independence.

    The second is a lot more complicated, and is somewhat covered by EU-ACP relations. The Brexit side don’t seem to consider the fact that African, Carribean and Pacific nations have a mutual interest in not being exploited and band together to get good trade deals.

    The relationship between ex-colonizers and ex-colonists is fracture and defensive, you would doubt some pseudo-Imperial Commonwealth Customs Union with the UK at the center and periphery revolving around it, is even feasible never mind reasonable (which in no way it is) these days.

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