Boris blows it

Fresh from his blundering on the BBC’s Marr show, Boris Johnson has now invoked Godwin’s Law to compare Hitler’s proposed “superstate” to the EU.

The EU is a beacon of hope and prosperity, which is why so many people are clamouring to get into it. It has expanded into formerly fascist Southern Europe and formerly communist Eastern Europe bringing the highest global standards in democracy with it as it has done so. Despite its broadly Christian ethos, its largest city has just elected a Muslim Mayor; its urban areas remain the global leaders in culture, tourism and leisure; it is the world’s largest single market. Its own institutions consist of representatives of democratically elected national governments, appointees of democratically elected national governments, and a directly democratically elected parliament. The frustrations with the EU arise from its determination to seek consensus rather than allow for strong leaders to dictate, precisely because Europe’s history shows that consensus is preferable to dictatorship.

Boris the Trump apprentice will be talking about building walls in the Channel next. It is alarming how many would vote for that, too.


2 thoughts on “Boris blows it

  1. Alan Burnside says:

    Five weeks to election… A long time in politics.

  2. The Listener says:

    Consensus leads to delay and indecision. Perceptions of faults with the Iraq debacle led to European inaction with the Syrian problems following the Arab Spring. We are now reaping the whirlwind. The admirable and, may I say it, Christian action of Germany, in accepting so many people, has fired up fears of migrating hordes. Thus fear will now skewer the result of the European referendum.

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