DUP “plan” is simply garbage

Arlene Foster was mocked for talking of a five-point plan during the UTV Leaders’ Debate, which was in fact this:


So, a ten-point “plan”. Except it isn’t a plan.

And that is what really annoys people.

Who opposes “more jobs, rising incomes”? No one. But where is the plan to achieve it?

Who opposes a “world class health service”? Many would say we already have one. But her party has had five years to reform it and has comprehensively failed.

Who opposes giving “every child the opportunity to succeed”? But where is the analysis of why is not the case?

What exactly is “rebuilding Northern Ireland”? The SDLP also have a peculiar obsession with building.

Where is the plan to “reward hard work”, and how is it judged and defined?

What precisely is “smarter justice” and has she noted we have “safer streets”?

Are “stronger communities” to be “created” or are we just using random words now?

What does a “friend of the farmer” mean and how is that a plan?

Her party has had a decade as largest party to “change politics in Northern Ireland”, so why has it not?

And detail how someone plans to “take pride in Northern Ireland”?

There is not a plan there to be seen. It’s just vacuous nonsense. The DUP clearly has no plan – it just wants power for the sake of it. No wonder its representatives keep failing to turn up for panel events.

Plainly the DUP thinks we will fall for this bunkum; in other words, DUP candidates think we are all fools.

It would be a good idea to prove them wrong.

4 thoughts on “DUP “plan” is simply garbage

  1. 416 says:

    Amen. I genuinely believe they think the majority of people are just plain thick. It’s either that, or they aren’t very bright themselves.

  2. The Listener says:

    No they do not think we are fools, they have simple souls in their ranks, who admire a perception of power, and they appeal to simple souls. The majority of people in Northern Ireland are not like you well educated in such matters, and many who are bright about such matters are simply bored with politics.

  3. Chris Roche says:

    What went wrong with the Ulster-Scots gene pool that built America? Did it leave behind in Ireland a sort of village idiot gene? Unionists in general would appear to be intellectually retarded. The NI unionist politicians make their ROI counterparts look like Einsteins. It could be that they’re paralyzed with fear of everything Irish, and can’t function cognitively. Whatever it is, there’s something very rotten in the statelet of Northern Ireland.

    • The Listener says:

      A serious reply is that there are undoubtedly “idiot gene pools” throughout Ireland, however the Republic of Ireland, has over the years since the states inception developed into a quite closely coupled democracy in a comparitively small land mass. Proportional representation allows for a close connection between the people and the several TDs and prospective TDs of various hues in each constitutency.

      I suggest that there is more active involvement in politics in the Republic than in Northern Ireland. Proportional representation has only been around for a comparitively short time and to date elections are a matter of following a particular colour rather than thinking about uninspiring policies. Maybe with new blood, this time round gradually there may be more involvement. It would very great if there could be an agreed structure for the practicalities of local democracy to be taught in school in and around the 14 to 16 age group.

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