#Brexit takes us away from most successful continent

So, what is the case for the European Union?

To answer this, let us forget about money, even though the financial and economic case for membership is unanswerable when actual facts are used.

For me, it is quite simple. Europe possesses the countries and peoples who most see the world the way we do.

It possesses the world’s foremost long-term state-sponsored/funded health systems; the most generous welfare provision; the best public transport. Far from falling behind the rest of the world, Europe continues to lead it in a vast range of ways.

It possesses the world’s most representative democracies. Astonishingly, to these, it has added the whole of Southern and Central-Eastern Europe in the past 30 years or so. Far from being a place which does not respect democracy, the European Union has been at the forefront of expanding it to hundreds of millions of people.

It possesses the world’s highest culture, of which the renaissance and the enlightenment are products. Thus the countries of the European Union receive more tourists and host more major events than anywhere else on the planet.

What Brexiteers are proposing is straightforward – they want us to be less like these countries of great social innovation, expansive democracy and high culture.

Do you?!


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