“Giveaway” manifestos merely offer more of the same

One BBC NI correspondent joked that with the DUP offering giveaways to centenarians and the SDLP offering them to new borns, he was wondering who would give money to those in between!

Such petty populism is, of course, utterly pathetic.

Rather than targeting vital resources towards Early Years programmes in marginalised  communities where they could be accumulated and make a real difference to entire groups of people, the “Social Democratic and Labour Party” wants to give £500 individually to sons and daughters of millionaires.

Remember, this is the same “Social Democratic and Labour Party” which still thinks people living on £1.2 million mansions should only pay a third of their rates.

Thankfully, the evidence is that such ludicrous attempts literally to buy votes (via a programme which once existed across the UK and was abandoned by Labour fifteen years ago) will be seen through by an electorate increasingly tired of silly promises with no delivery.

What is unfortunate, however, is that if we want daft giveaways and mismanaged budgets, we can already vote for the DUP and Sinn Féin, who now have a decade-long record of delivery on such nonsense. The whole purpose of any “social democratic” party should be to offer a clear alternative, with properly costed proposals to help those on the margins, appropriate revenue raising from the better-off, and detailed plans for reform of public services.

Instead we get money for millionaires. You couldn’t make it up.


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