Brexiteers – what about the real world?

The vehicle I use most of the time is in fact leased. Although I use it most of the time and refer to it loosely as “my car” because it is registered to me and is parked on my property, strictly speaking it actually belongs to the manufactuer’s UK financial services company. Yet that company has no interest in the car, only in ensuring it is paid for; I am the one with the interest in it. Who owns it in practice, therefore? And does the ownership have any practical relevance?

There is a section of the Russian Far East which is twice as large as India yet contains a population lower than that of the island of Ireland. Yet it has in recent years experienced notable immigration – number hundreds of thousands. These immigrants come not from elsewhere in Russia, but from China. They have come not to leave China, but in fact to set up a Chinese timber company which will send timber supplies back from this small corner of the world across the border for use in by Chinese industry, notably construction. Who owns that part of Asia, therefore?

Nominally, the territory referred to falls within the boundaries of Russia and is thus theoretically under the sovereignty of the institutions in Moscow. However, it is almost depopulated and has no functioning economy except for timber. That economy is entirely dependent on Chinese immigrants sending timber across the border into China. The territory, therefore, is only under Russian sovereignty in the same way my car is under a financial service’s company’s ownership – it is theoretical but has no current practical purpose (for as long as China needs timber and I keep up my payments, respectively). In effect, Chinese industry has “leased” this territory from Russia, and it is now solely within China’s interest for as long as it wants it and can make it economically functional.

China is of course “leasing” lots of the world, often in terms of maintaining or constructing infrastructure – building piers in Mozambique to cricket grounds in the Caribbean in return for “maintaining interests”. The UK, notably last week Scotland, has not escaped its attentions. This is a form of neo-colonialism – complete even with the partition of Sudan into a China-dominated North and a Western-dominated South.

In this context, what on earth is sovereignty?

The world consists of new mega-cities (often in the Far East) and major trading blocs. Sovereign states are no longer of particular relevance, other than as units of nominal, reactionary government.

Why on earth would we leave the economically largest such bloc?!


3 thoughts on “Brexiteers – what about the real world?

  1. Raised some very interesting points well done. Would you mind checking out my new politics blog and giving it some support?

  2. The Listener says:

    Why would you leave? Simply because the madness of the doctrine of the free movement of labour. When Turkey is added to Romania, Bulgaria and the several countries of the former Yugoslavia, not to mention Greece, the UK will continue to be the country of choice for migration. We will drown in a sea of humanity!

    Without a restricted system of movement applicable to the citizens of those countries, which have low value economies their aspirant populations will head for perceived richer nations, and who can blame them. Sadly as seems to be the case in Romania young professionals, especially Doctors and Nurses will move west after training which means a dearth of badly needed staff in Romanian medical facilities. Economies must be encouraged and allowed to grow in the poorer countries. At the same time the poorer countries should be able to demand that essential professionals, post third level education. should serve several years at home.

    I may yet decide to vote to remain in the EU and that is because of a holistic view, that it is better in this modern age to co-operate with other like minded nations, and to see them flourish with improved infrastructure and a better life for their citizens. I am nevertheless frightened by what lies ahead.

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