Brexit letter packed with “mistruths”

My wife received this letter the other day.


That section was the only truthful part of it.

[The Common Market] takes away our right to choose our own future and how we trade with the rest of the world. 

On the contrary, it does the precise opposite. Rather than taking on China and India (with over 1 billion people each and a middle class which grows by more than the entire population of the UK every few years) alone, we get to take them on as part of the world’s largest trading bloc – all while enjoying free trade, which we would not otherwise have, with our nearest neighbours.

The European Parliament regularly passes laws inappropriate to us. 

Name one. Oh, you haven’t. It is actually the second largest democratically elected parliament on the planet. The UK Parliament and NI Assembly regularly pass laws inappropriate to me; it’s called democracy.

We pay €20 billion for this intrusion. 

This is an outright lie – and odd that Brexiteers would use euro…

Firstly, we do not “pay €20b” at all, because the rebate is taken off before the payment. Secondly, the remainder could not come off our national debt because: a) it is made up of things we would do anyway, such as farm subsidies and international aid; b) we would have to pay more to administer things on our own which are currently administered by 28 countries acting jointly (like environmental regulation or negotiating trade deals); and c) we would have extra costs (such as extra intelligence officers or border patrol personnel).

We pay twice…

Er no, we pay once. Another outright lie.

If my wife and I pay for a meal from a joint account, we pay once, not twice.

We buy more from the EU than they buy from us [thus they need us more than we need them]

We do buy more from the EU than they buy from us but unless we are all going to start driving Rovers, returning to holiday camps at Butlins and drinking English wine, that means we need them more than they need us. They’ll sell to us anyway because we want their stuff – but we’ll pay more because of the tariffs.

I urge you to listen to the real people who create wealth…

You mean like the CBI, most of whose members oppose Brexit? Or the FSB, more of whose members (including the author) are pro-EU than anti-EU?

Who’s not listening?!

I am undertaking to issue a [daily] reason to leave on Twitter…

Something which has already not happened; the “reasons” are generally woolly nonsense or outright garbage (like the old mistruth that most SMEs want to leave).

To protect ourselves from waste and misappropriation in Brussels

More people work for HM Customs & Revenue than the entire European Commission.

Safeguard us from laws passed by Eurocrats…

Eurocrat klaxon!

You mean laws passed by democratically elected representatives and those appointed by elected governments under treaties the UK’s elected government signed?

So, not by Eurocrats, in other words.

We can remove politicians who are unanswerable to us…

(I look forward to your campaign to remove the House of Lords. Or indeed the Conservative Government, opposed by 63% of UK voters…)

The EU seeks to shackle the City of London

Not what the City seems to think! It is in fact hugely benefited by its position as the financial centre of the world’s largest trading bloc – as you would know, if you asked anyone who works in it.

Enhance our country’s security by control of our borders

We already control our borders!

Not very well, as it happens (one of the Paris bombers had passed through the UK undetected).

Of course, leaving the EU would make it harder to share intelligence and counter international terrorism and cross-border crime.

New freedom to trade with dynamic parts of the world

Er, except this would involve doing trade deals with them on their terms while disabling trade with our nearest neighbours.

There’s something very peculiar about the argument that we can’t get our way with the Swedes or the Spanish but somehow we’ll be able to with the Chinese and the Russians…

Free but everywhere in chains is not free.

The UK is the world’s fifth biggest economy

Tenth, actually, by total GDP.

The EU is the world’s biggest.


Reclaim our territorial waters 

You’ll be asking Iceland to build a wall next!

[The EU] certainly adds a huge amount to your grocery bill

You really do wonder if this gentleman understands the meaning of the word “fact”.

Because there are no tariffs on EU products, the EU has negotiated favourable trade deals on our behalf using its power as the world’s largest trading bloc, and we have free movement of goods and services (reducing transport and labour costs), our grocery bills are far lower inside the EU than they would be outside it.

I beseech you to make a considered decision on 23rd June

I will.

On the basis of the actual facts rather than the scaremongering, propaganda and outright lies contained in that letter, I will be voting REMAIN and campaigning for everyone else to do likewise.


2 thoughts on “Brexit letter packed with “mistruths”

  1. Brilliant Post.

    On the borders topic (klaxon) obviously UK’s borders are other EU nations too, the land border on Ireland, the Channel Tunnel, the shared Atlantic and airspace, Gibraltar-Spain if you want to include it… How are any of these borders not shared? They are not “ours” they are actually shared/common, therefore requiring a common law between neighbouring states. Heavens forbid they realise not only does the UK have soveirgnty but other nations have soveirgnty too.

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