Rewarding paramilitaries is not the peace we were promised

Yesterday’s BBC Spotlight programme did not reveal the extent to which the police and funding authorities go along with paramilitaries due to lack of political cover. To ‘reveal’ it, we would have had to have been ignorant of it in the first place. We weren’t.

We have known for a long time that paramilitary commanders in some areas are given special status by some politicians, and thus by funding authorities and the police. This special status ranges from direct promises (e.g. DUP trying to push £7m of our money to a UDA leader) to sins of omission (e.g. Unionists of all stripes conveniently funding bonfires without due diligence).

This is not the Rule of Law. Thus, this is not democracy. In 1998 we voted for democracy. It is long since time we got what we voted for.


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