#Brexiteers – what happens to EU workers?

I am going to use the Tuesday slot on this blog to ask those proposing “Brexit” a few questions, since they are the ones proposing change.

The first concerns workers from different EU states. What would happen to workers from other EU states currently working in the UK? And what would happen to workers and retirees from the UK living elsewhere in the EU?

The answer can’t be “nothing”, otherwise this would not be an issue raised at all. But it is also reasonable to assume it will work the same way in both directions – noting that 2 million nationals of other EU states live in the UK and 2 million UK nationals life elsewhere in the EU.


2 thoughts on “#Brexiteers – what happens to EU workers?

  1. A lot of these issues won’t be made until there is an official Leave side. Grassroots Out is likely to get that running on populist platitudes. Douglas Carswell and his Leave group thinks a pragmatic view on freedom of movement needs to be made, but I can see him heading back to the Tories if UKIP continue to play to populist platitudes I.e Get the Ethnics Out, We’re too full, Our NHS is full, British Jobs for British Workers,Open door immigration, control our borders etc.

  2. David says:

    After the exit all of the EU citizens living here could be offered visas or citizenship. I’m sure the ex-pats could also apply for citizenship in their adoptive country. I would also imagine that some sort of movement treaty would be signed with the EU that could allow work but not access to social services.

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