Brexiteers the real scaremongers

The standard strategy of Brexiteers is now established. Someone brings out a report showing that jobs may be lost, services may be removed or opportunities may be restricted if the UK leaves the EU, and they describe it as “scaremongering”.

It is not “scaremongering” to warn a child that if they put their hand on the hob it may get burned.

It is not “scaremongering” to warn a driver that if they go too close to the car in front in slippery conditions they may collide.

Nor is it “scaremongering” to warn that leaving the EU may make cross-border trade harder, may make farmers’ incomes uncertain, and may make educational opportunities more restricted.

It is, however, scaremongering to suggest that border patrols should be put back in place on the island of Ireland because ISIS terrorists want to move from Dublin to Belfast, as one UKIP elected representative did yesterday.

Will the UKIP Leader distance himself from such ludicrous scaremongering? Will Vote Leave explain how this could not be described as scaremongering? It is not unusual to accuse others of the things you do yourself – it is called hypocrisy, and Brexiteer scaremongers are getting pretty good at it.


One thought on “Brexiteers the real scaremongers

  1. As is an ISIS agent is going to wait at a border crossing anyway for a security check or even go through one if it were there?

    If an ISIS agent is carrying bombs and explosives though a border crossing where he or she is sure to get caught and it wouldn’t be long before they are aware of this, it’s because he or she intends to blow up the border crossing.

    Counter-terrorism works best when the terrorists think they are safe.

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