NI bank notes and myths…

A quick one today on the yesterday’s subject of myths…

It is a common complaint among the Northern Irish that Northern Irish banknotes are not accepted in England “even though they’re legal tender”.

Except, well, they’re not…

In England and Wales, the only legal tender (form of money which must be accepted, in effect) is Bank of England notes.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland, there is no legal tender at all.

So shopkeepers in England – and indeed anywhere – are perfectly entitled to reject a Northern Irish (or Scottish) bank note.

So, get over it! 🙂


One thought on “NI bank notes and myths…

  1. martyntodd says:


    I knew that NI bank notes were not legal tender anywhere, but is it strictly accurate to say that there is no legal tender in NI? I thought coins (of the realm) were legal tender here.

    I thought your article on abortion was very well articulated. Why does this sort of communication not go out on the Party’s email/Facebook circulation?

    Regards Martyn


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