Resolve to take an interest in politics in 2016


As you travel around Berlin, as I did before Christmas, you cannot miss the sense of history – and, to a degree, new-found freedom. A city once oppressed by Nazis and then in part by Communists (while the rest of it lived under effect siege) is somewhere which makes you think. And it makes you realise that freedoms we take for granted should never, ever be taken for granted.

The defence of those freedoms – of freedom of expression, of the Rule of Law, of representative and competent government – is being taken on in Northern Ireland and elsewhere by too few people. Too many are prepared to sit aside from it all, even making a virtue of their disinterest. That isn’t good enough.

In 2016, more people should resolve to get interested. They should stand up in defence of democracy and freedom. Because those who did not, for example in 1930s Berlin, failed us all.

Opting not to see the danger is no defence. It is time to participate, now more than ever.


3 thoughts on “Resolve to take an interest in politics in 2016

  1. Well said, Ian. These are dangerous times across the globe, and we will not escape them 😦 Keep blogging. It is an important contribution to keeping people alive to the issues.

  2. martyntodd says:

    After all, if Alex Kane can change his mind from saying that voting was pointless to recommending that everyone exercises their right to vote, then we all should think very carefully about disengaging from politics.

    I’m sure that the readers of this blog are all engaged and do vote, but they will have friends and relatives who need a bit of persuasion to engage in politics again (or for the first time). We, Ian’s readers, need to engage in this persuasion.

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