Judge policies by outcomes, not intentions

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party has drawn significant support from other populist hard left groups, like Sinn Féin. This is the same Sinn Féin which backed Syriza before it wrecked the Greek economy just as it was entering recovery mode and, of course, the same Sinn Féin which backed Hugo Chávez and his faction in Venezuela.

Chávez’ policies have just been rejected by the Venezuelan electorate. Astoundingly, it turns out there is rather more to delivering fairness and equality than just talking about how nice it is. It is reasonable, indeed necessary, to take account not of Señor Chávez’ intentions (regardless of how you view them), and look instead at the outcomes.

Venezuela 1999-2015

Ahem. Poverty up, crime up, access to goods down, corruption up, economic development down. And all this in a country with vast natural resources whose neighbours have been doing well on most or often all of those measures. Oh dear.

Who governs a country actually matters surprisingly little, which makes it truly astonishing when a government manages to wreck a country completely. But that is what Chávez managed in Venezuela. That is the same Chávez endorsed all the way by Sinn Féin, who are now busily endorsing Corbyn. The voters of Ireland and, in due course, the UK, will take note no doubt.

Outcomes not intentions, remember?!


One thought on “Judge policies by outcomes, not intentions

  1. […] wrote late last year about how it is necessary to judge policies not by their intentions but by their outcomes. The (relatively) new Swedish Government is finding that out the hard way – adopting policies […]

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