Nationalists need to show respect, not just demand it

I was accused the yesterday of “not respecting the aspirations of Nationalists”.

Which is odd, because on this blog alone you will find:

The really messed up thing is you will find none of those from actual Nationalists! You will struggle anywhere in all of the Internet to find any concrete, practical, detailed proposal or even debate-starting outline for any of the above from a Nationalist commentator, and certainly not from a Nationalist Party (random demands or proposals which involve Unionists waking up one morning and suddenly realising they are Irish count as neither “detailed” nor “practical”, for the record!)

I have even met representatives of Nationalist parties in a purely personal and voluntary capacity to discuss all of these, particularly the first two (deliverable as they are within the confines of the current Agreement) – and have happily done so anywhere from a leather-seated coffee house to the Felons’ Club.

As it happens, I also spoke strongly at a major conference in Dublin last month, attended by the Tánaiste and Scottish Minister for External Relations, of the legitimacy of Irish Government intervention during the EU referendum in defence of the interests of Irish citizens in the UK (most notably in Northern Ireland where citizenship is automatic) and of cross-border trade and leisure. My intervention was by invitation but, again just to be clear, was entirely voluntary. I may have missed it, but I don’t recall any actual Nationalists making this point publicly.

So I politely contend that I fully respect Nationalist aspirations, and indeed have acted purely in a voluntary capacity to try practically to fulfill them. Could it be, in fact, that it is Nationalists who are not so good at offering the same respect they demand?

3 thoughts on “Nationalists need to show respect, not just demand it

  1. Scots Anorak says:

    I think we need some context here, for both accusation and counter-accusation.

  2. I argue with you because I respect you, why argue with someone you don’t respect … what type of feedback would you get from that?

  3. other paul says:

    Ian, a good argument could be made that a large majority of the headlines/titles of your blogs are typically simplistic and/or prone to hyperbole and this is another example. In this headline you’ve inferred that nationalists do not show (you) respect, but you don’t spend any time in the actual text elaborating on this. It’s a bit of a contradiction given the content of the piece surely?

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