Fine day for Ireland; embarrassment for Northern Ireland

“The economy is our Number One priority” said the DUP on coming to power in 2007.

Let’s see what makes an economy flourish. We need spaces where people feel free, where creative people can express themselves, and where people can bring their families (any kind of family). That’s where people invest and create jobs.

Now, just ask yourself, in the light of the referendum in the Republic and the failure to govern in Northern Ireland, where would you invest and create jobs?

Enough said.


One thought on “Fine day for Ireland; embarrassment for Northern Ireland

  1. The Listener says:

    You quite miss the point! This is a question of fundamental morality, especially for those who really do believe in either the Christian faith, or indeed in Islam. If a state is seen as somewhere, where morality is lax, then probably other values are given scant attention, including straight dealing in business.

    The old fashioned marriage, that between a man and a woman, for mutual support, and in most cases for procreation has been reduced in value. Already many couples live together without any thought of marriage as a necessary commitment. Now that Tom, Dick and Harry or the female equivalents can declare themselves “married” in Ireland, the trend of living together without commitment will spread and the fundamental stability of couples with their children will slowly become less important.

    I do not oppose same sex couples having a mutual relationship, what they do is their way of life, but please do not call it marriage. The people of Northern Ireland need not be embarrassed.

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