Pacts are sectarian

Peter “Dry your eyes” Robinson thinks Unionist pacts are not sectarian. No, apparently integrated education is “not realistic” but Unionist pacts are all-encompassing.

Except that all four candidates thus chosen are members of the overtly sectarian Orange Order, which does not even allow its members to marry Catholics.

Perhaps our esteemed First Minister also believes Gerry Adams wasn’t in the IRA?!


5 thoughts on “Pacts are sectarian

  1. 416 says:

    I love how Robinson’s waded into the Ashers thing now, complaining about the cost. Something like £33,000. How much has it cost to police the Twadell site? He’s a joke.
    Not that he’s the only joke mind you, but he’s top clown at the circus.

  2. Our local electorate should really question if they are even Unionist?

    We’ve heard about the Orange Card, but do these Unionist politicians get the best deal for Northern Ireland’s by ignoring the other “integral parts of the Union”,

    Where’s their Daffodil Card? Where’s their Tartan Card? Where’s their Tudor Rose Card?

    Where’s their leverage?

    Where’s their compromise?

    Yes there’s the scrapping of the “bedroom tax” but Labour and the Lib Dems (and many others) want to do that anyway so what are they going to offer the Tories to get rid of it?

    The DUP want a referendum on the EU but the Conservatives and UKIP plan to do that anyway so what are they going to offer Labour to get them to implement it?

    Yes they want to increase spending on defence, I think the main UK parties want to do that … But speaking using my outsider Irish sense of neutrality… Why? There’s no foreign deployments of the UK defence forces except training missions the UK can’t fight ISIS or tackle Ukraine through aggressive invasion, like Iraq, the DUP even voted for staying out of Syria.

    And of course what Trimble has called “the Pork” i.e. extra spending … But is that a case of get in line.

    Let’s consider that the Nationalist parties (SNP, SDLP, Plaid) could horse trade some degree of more home rule to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for the Tudor Rose card of English votes for English matters, something the DUP might be reluctant to do because it’s separatist and parochial. That’s one way to keep English Tories and “Kippers” off their backs.

    They could also back Labour/Lib Dem reforms such as scrapping or reform of the House of Lords or demanding Proportional Representation that could kill pacts dead.

  3. DUP dont want to do that

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