Sinn Féin “indigenous population” comments give game away

In the run up to the Scottish Referendum, Irish singer and philanthropist attended a rally calling for the maintenance of the Union. For this “offence”, at least two Sinn Féin elected representatives put forward the view that he was evidence he was “no longer Irish”. Think about that – the unmistakeable logic is that, to be “Irish”, you are not even allowed to be favourable to the UK.

There was a lot of wriggling subsequently, but the underlying notion that Sinn Féin believes you can be any kind of Irish as long as it is pro-terror and anti-British remains pervasive. Play parks should, of course, be named after people who sought to murder workers just because they were Protestant, after all – there is no one else in Newry worthier of such an honour, apparently.

Then came the straightforward confirmation. Pro-terror people of Catholic background are, according to a man once tipped as Sinn Féin’s next President until he turned out to be a shambolic Minister, the “indigenous population”. Pushed to explain this he only made things worse, referring to the “native Irish”.

There we are. For all the nice talk, invites to Loyalist parade organisers, twittering Lord Mayors and shaking hands with the Queen, there remains at the heart of so-called “republicanism” a raging ethnic nationalism that civilised people have long rejected. Protestant killers can be rewarded, pro-British people of any kind lambasted, even other Nationalists dismissed if they reject the glory of the IRA’s campaign of terror. Such people are, of course, “not really Irish”. So much for an “Ireland of Equals”!

It all goes back the old notion that “Republicans” are all very willing to tolerate other people as long as it is entirely on their own terms. Yet this strategy has merely resulted in their murdering 2000 people in order to end up administering British rule in Ireland.

Here’s a thought – maybe they should try equality for all, not just those who agree with them?!


2 thoughts on “Sinn Féin “indigenous population” comments give game away

  1. They defended Articles 2 & 3 for so long which claimed anyone born on the island was Irish, a person who has despite his jarring personality, has done so much for enterprise in Ireland, more so than “honorary Irish” people like say Jack Charlton has never un-self-determined himself as being Irish. St Patrick, Danny Day Lewis, Spike Milligan and half the Irish football team, James Connolly and various republicans too. The Irish national anthem does have this irony well taken care of…

    “Buíon dár slua thar toinn do ráinig chughainn” or in English “Some have come from a land across the waves.”

    While some these waves would be the Atlantean waves (e.g. De Valera) others it was the Irish sea. Many Irish heroes were English, Scottish or Welsh born, some British heroes are Irish born, such is the way history interlinks. There have been two Irish born Prime Ministers and One English born Irish President.

    A unionist MLA said the Orange Order is as Irish as Guinness, I’d agree but while both were set up by unionists and see themselves as “British and Irish” with the Orange Order more likely to market its Britishness and Guinness it’s Irishness, the Orange Order is at least based here, while Guinness despite having a spiritual home is St James Gate, is owned by a UK company called Diedo. In a sense the Orange Order is probably “More Irish than Guinness”.

    Whether they’re looking at the Queen as the Becon of British Imperialism or a 4th generation Kildare woman, really does seem to depend on the type of generous mood they’re in.

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