Attwood shows SDLP spiralling out of control

Northern Ireland’s answer to Natalie Bennett last week was Alex Attwood.

Early last week he stated clearly and without doubt that it was time to stop investment in south and east Belfast and shift it all to north and west.

Within hours he was contrite, going on the media to correct himself.

Firstly, but less relevantly, this showed what a mess the SDLP has become. One of its own leaders decided to go out on a limb without even contemplating the consequences for his colleagues. Demanding no more investment in one of your Westminster seats, when you only hold three, is the height of selfishness if nothing else.

Secondly, and more worryingly, it is total garbage. If Mr Attwood thinks he can direct innovative global firms with turnovers many times that of the entire Northern Ireland devolved budget specifically to invest in north and west Belfast, he has simply lost the run of himself. Besides, Belfast is in total just 100 square kilometres – it’s not exactly unknown for people to make the mammoth twenty-minute commute from one part of it to another and there are these wonderful things called buses and trains to help where necessary!

One thing which damages investment anywhere, in fact, is such ludicrous public representatives promoting such a ludicrous silo mentality. Until we forget these daft silos and promote Greater Belfast and all its people as a whole, we will never enable it to reach its full economic potential and create the jobs and wealth we need.


One thought on “Attwood shows SDLP spiralling out of control

  1. This is a nonsence, South Belfast is a retail and residential centre with no major industrial heritage. It has a university, but where do university start up industries like Andor Technology choose to set up? They set up in West Belfast. Seagate is sucessful in Foyle?

    Who is the major foreign direct investor in South Belfast? Lidl?

    So why must a region with little space, industrial heritage and lower numbers of avaliable workers take a lion’s share of FDI?

    South Belfast is a great place for local SMEs, retail centres, trades and academia … I’ve applied to jobs in the local ICT/STEM sector from the Markets to Sandy Row to the university itself. It has the skills, wills and investment to generate indigenous growth without having shops and houses demolished in University street, the Village and the Holylands to make way for a financial sector company,

    To think you are going to simply have all the foreign direct investment around the Waterfront and none in the outskirts is madness. To dismiss West Belfast and North Belfast as commuter zones when foreign investors like DeLorean and many others have invested there in the past shows no imagination of how to use the potential of the people there.

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