Auguri, Richard e Martina!

I miei complimenti a Richard e Martina… congratulations to guest blogger Richard Price and Martina de Gregorio on their recent engagement.

I’ve known Richard for some time and had the great honour of meeting Martina in Brussels 18 months ago or so.

I should add that I am not the only person associated with this blog who wanted to wish the happy couple well.

(And, by the way, one guest blog, one engagement – beats Blind Date anyway! Who’s next…?!)



5 thoughts on “Auguri, Richard e Martina!

  1. Richard and Martina says:

    Grazie Mille! We’re both ‘well chuffed’ as they say in Bologna! 🙂

  2. martyntodd says:

    Congratulations from Jane and Martyn

  3. frank7778 says:

    This is not the place to put it, but that female restaurateur who made headlines by leaving NI for Spain today, cited reasons that make me think she reads your blog: no flights to Germany or Sweden, the Conscience Clause, excessive bureaucracy, and no railway stop at the City Airport. (Not sure you had the last one, to be fair). The coincidence seems strong!

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