The Conservatives and Labour are both outright lying

It was The Sun, of all institutions, whose editorial pleaded with the two parties to stop lying as the UK General Election campaign kicked off this week.

I was, for the record, never enamoured with “fixed term” parliaments, and a ludicrously long 16-week election campaign is the main reason for this. What we are now going to have is 16 weeks of daft claim and counter-claim, almost none of which anyone will believe, leading to a comparatively low turn-out even for a close election and to a huge vote for parties outside the mainstream. None of this is good, really.

Parties outside the mainstream tend to be crazed populists who would be dangerous if ever placed anywhere near power – with UKIP the most obvious example. Yet the problem is the mainstream parties deserve to be punished.

As The Sun pointed out, the Conservatives have no way of “controlling immigration” and know it – they said they would cap it last time and inevitably abjectly failed. Labour, it noted, is even worse with its fantasy “spending plans”. It may be pointed out, however, that the Conservatives’ objective of cutting the deficit to zero by 2020 is equally laughable (after all, that was to happen by 2015 originally…) as are Labour’s crackpot immigration plans.

Oh dear. 16 weeks of this?! At least the count will be fun.


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