English civil liberties must be defended

Last week, while away on holiday, an innocent man had his property broken into and his personal belongings taken by the bag load. To make matters worse, this home invasion in Berkshire was filmed. It was filmed not by YouTube but by the mainstream media. And the perpetrators were not common burglars, but the police.

It is an utterly shocking breach of basic privacy rights. At the centre of it, needless to say, is the South Yorkshire Police – the same one now demonstrated to have acted so appallingly over the Hillsborough Disaster a generation ago. The home, of course, belonged to Sir Cliff Richard.

One of the great things, supposedly, about living under English Law or a system derived from it is that civil liberties are defended. Yet here we had a Judge clearly unaware of the basics of that Law allowing a break-in (for that is what it was) with no justification. Search warrants are issued for specific items likely to assist a prosecution, yet in this case no prosecution is even ongoing and the bags of items lifted indicate no specificity at all. When tipped off that this was about to happen, the media’s response was not to query it and challenge the police over yet another outrage, but to film it unquestioningly and run it as main item on the “impartial” national broadcaster’s news that evening.

Talk about heads rolling…


One thought on “English civil liberties must be defended

  1. harryaswell says:

    You are quite right, of course! – The Met and now the Yorkshire police forces must be made to answer for their sins, as should the Judge or Magistrate who signed the order to allow a search warrant originally. The BBC should also be made accountable. Their helicopter was there before the police!! Yet another total disgrace. We appear to be sliding ever more quickly into a police state. George Orwell was right after all.

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