McIlroy shows NI can be the best when it tries

His is a very distinctive, and confident, strut down the fairway. Few global sports fans would not recognise Rory McIlroy now, striding to another victory.

Rory McIlroy with the famous Claret Jug (Paul Ellis, Agence France)

Rory McIlroy with the famous Claret Jug (Paul Ellis, Agence France)

He will probably not dominate in the way Nicklaus or Woods once did, but that is only because golf is a more global sport now – the top ranks in yesterday’s Open included Americans yes, but also Italians, Irishmen, a Spaniard, a Frenchman and so on. Recent major-winning countries include Korea, New Zealand, Argentina and Germany. Above all of those, Northern Ireland’s Graeme McDowell can challenge, and Rory at his best can soar. It is remarkable – and he’s ours!

It bears repeating then – if we can do golf, why not other stuff? Why not aspire to a social model others may wish to copy, to business innovation others may wish to buy, to public services others may envy?

If a young man from Holywood can do it, so can the rest of us. A bit less negativity and a bit more confident strutting, and we’d be a better place!


5 thoughts on “McIlroy shows NI can be the best when it tries

  1. Alan Frost says:

    Well said, Ian. I watched the final round today, and I don’t even like golf!

  2. Chris Roche says:

    Does all this NI euphoria mean that a Catholic like MacIlroy would be welcome in the bigoted road-raping Orange Order?

  3. Very well said Ian.

    Chris, What we need to work hard to develop is a new social order for everyone, one in which our sporting and other folk can step forward together into a shared future. A new unifying Northern Ireland flag would be a good start. We managed to find a badge for the PSNI which everyone signed up to, a flag is possible too.

    The new vibrant South African flag was a significant factor in bring communities together.

    • Yes, again Chris hints there’s a tendency to give up on the notion that what you say is even possible.

      It’s about as possible as a wee country of less than 2 million averaging more than one major in every four this decade…

  4. boondock says:

    Golf is a very popular sport here and it is very well organised. Interclub matches and tournaments help motivate golfers from an early age and the GUI should be commended for how things are run and how well all the international teams perform. Im only surprised that this breakthough didnt happen earlier.

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