NI’s “liberal” media really don’t get it, do they?

One political correspondent suggests Peter Robinson’s comments on not trusting Muslims were an “error of judgement”. Only in the Liberal world 10% of us inhabit. Another suggests there was a “backlash” against him – but again, only from those Liberal ten-percenters. The Liberal media don’t get it, do they?

On Thursday, almost one in four of those entering the polling booth voted DUP first preference. Not a single one of those will now be regretting that decision. That is the real issue here – why can the media not understand that?

In the traditional conservative religion-centred world Peter Robinson inhabits, his comments were far from an “error of judgement”! Having seen 15% of the European Election vote disappear to his right (and similar at Council level where they stood), Peter Robinson the master tactician has instantly looked in that direction to shore up his vote.

After all, no one who voted for Anna Lo would ever contemplate voting DUP. But those (more) who voted for Jim Allister might. It’s that simple.

This has nothing to do with demands for resignation (which only make the DUP cult stronger) or the Ministerial Code (which they’ve already torn to shreds without penalty around the flag protests). It has to do with the fact that making comments like this make you more popular in Northern Ireland, not less so! (The Equality Commission has come out against you? Easy, point out no one elected them. Sinn Féin has come out against you? Easy, no terrorist apologist gets the high ground. And thus the votes return…)

Peter Robinson represents a much larger segment of the Northern Ireland population when he says these things than I do when I oppose them. That is the stark reality – and is the reason for my own appeal to Progressives to face that reality and unite to grow the rational centre ground.

It is astonishing that Liberal hacks in the press have so little understanding of the country they live in. That’s probably why no one buys their papers any more. The rest of us have to make sure that, in future, we offer stuff a significant chunk of our population (and electorate) are going to buy…


9 thoughts on “NI’s “liberal” media really don’t get it, do they?

  1. Great stuff up to the last line. But rather than offer stuff they want to buy I would rather we take on the harder task of persuading them to but the superior product we already offer!

  2. Seymour Major says:

    Sadly, you are right. Robinson has told his party’s supporters exactly what they wanted to hear.

    My thoughts presently go out to Anna Lo. I am disappointed that she has announced her intention to leave politics.

    Although I did not agree with her on a number of issues, I thought she played a blinder in the European election by stating her private preference for a United Ireland. There are many that looked upon Alliance as a closet unionist party. Through a single remark she has opened doors and deserves recognition as somebody who made a significant contribution on Northern Ireland’s journey towards Reason and Enlightenment.

    • Feltching says:

      What have the FM’s comments in support of Pastor McConnell’s comments got to do with Anna Lo?

      • Seymour Major says:

        Felching, they are directly connected. Anna Lo has lived in NI long enough to understand the link between bigotry by lip service from senior politicians and inspired aggressive (often violent) hatred at the end of the continuum from those who identify with it.
        From the Belfast Telegraph:
        “Earlier on Thursday, Ms Lo said she was considering leaving Northern Ireland following comments made by First Minister Peter Robinson in support of a controversial pastor who denounced Islam.

        The politician – who represents South Belfast and just last week ran as a candidate in the European elections – said she was “angry” at the backing given to Pastor James McConnell.”

      • Feltching says:

        But Anna Lo isn’t a muslim. McConnell’s criticism of muslims (a religion, not a race) have no direct link to Ms Lo (whom I think is an atheist)

  3. Michael says:

    Anna Lo’s position is now vague. Is she leaving politics and NI now or not?
    She said yesterday she wasn’t going to go away.
    Racism and sectarianism need stood up to. Walking away is giving in.
    Politics is a dirty game in NI and I personally think that if she walks
    away she isn’t tough enough for the task of dealing with the problem.
    That doesn’t mean I don’t commend her for the terrible abuse she has taken.

    • I think she was clear she wasn’t leaving Northern Ireland.

      Whether she’s leaving Northern Ireland politics is another matter; she was clear that the racist abuse was disinclining her to continue, but that there were also other factors.

      I would prefer her to stay in politics and fight her corner, but that’s easy for me to say! That said, she seems genuinely overwhelmed by the support she has received.

      • Michael says:

        I don’t agree with a lot of her politics, particularly her position on the constitutional issue.
        If Alliance is neutral on this then that is precisely where she should stay. Using words like colonialism should belong to the past and are offensive to many here.
        However, she is hugely talented and hard working and I could see advantages in her being party leader.
        Her interview recently in which she became emotional is quite upsetting.
        There must be more than can be done about the recent upsurge in racist abuse, both verbal and physical. There is an argument to say both are linked.
        It wouldn’t be tolerated anywhere else on these islands.

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