Update on @SaveCharlieC

Our wee friend Oscar Knox sadly passed away last week; his story captured our hearts because of the courage he showed and because most of us know or have known someone in a similar position.

I remain very hopeful for our friends’ four-year-old son Charlie Craig, for whom we were involved in a blood/marrow donation drive in Belfast and Tyrone a few weeks ago and whose progress can be followed at @SaveCharlieC on Twitter and on his “Donate Now” page on Facebook. Below, I’d like today simply to share the latest update from his parents and sister. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

The wonderfully courageous Charlie Craig

The wonderfully courageous Charlie Craig

A part donor was found for Charlie on the international database of over 20 million people registered. We had a period of acute anxiety while we awaited the donor’s acceptance. Thank God he agreed to be Charlie’s donor.

On May 5th Charlie was admitted to hospital in Bristol for what we had already been told would be ‘ the fight of his life’. Charlie is now daily having that fight. Initially he has to have conditioning treatment which literally wipes out his immune system using a cocktail of very strong chemo drugs. Each drug has the possibility of very serious side effects and there is ongoing risk of infection. Then he will have the actual transplant which brings with it other frightening possibilities.

We strongly feel that only prayer will bring Charlie and all of us through this acutely painful and anxious time. We need specific prayer for the courage, strength of body and mental stamina to face each stage of Charlie’s treatment with the accompanying challenges which we have been told can be medically managed but are a constant stress. We ask you to pray that our very brave little Charlie will get through all of this with the minimum of pain and distress resulting ultimately In the complete cure of his condition and no issues short/ long term.

Charlie and his little sister Nancy are incredibly close and miss each other terribly, we ask also for prayer that Nancy will have fun and distraction during this time and that this ongoing nightmare will soon be behind us and we will be back to our former normal family life.
On this journey with Charlie we have seen the pain first hand of many other families in similar situations. Please keep all of them also in your prayers. We do believe that prayer changes things and we know it is our our only hope.


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