Time to kick out homophobia

“That’s a bit gay” is a phrase I hear youths and even children use commonly, to mean “bad” or “weak”. This is totally unacceptable, and it is time we stamped it out.

Underlying it is an ongoing underlying social norm which is accepting of homophobia. Similar terms hinting at racism or even sectarianism would now be deemed unacceptable. Social campaigns to kick out racism and sectarianism have become widespread, and enjoyed some success (at least in some locations). I am not aware of any such campaign to “kick out homophobia”.

We have seen social changes which have seen everything from racism to drink-driving become socially unacceptable – at every age. Such a social change with regard to sexual orientation is long overdue.


9 thoughts on “Time to kick out homophobia

  1. If we fear words we will only give them more power over us and drive their use underground.

  2. Paul the Piper says:

    If homosexuals didn’t steal the word gay in the first place then it wouldn’t have negative connotations.

  3. Paul the Piper says:

    That’s a rather rash conclusion to reach from our dialogue

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