Why the Madeleine frenzy when so many more are missing?

I’m going to say it – for all that I would love Madeleine McCann to be found safe and well, am I the only one who finds the frenzy around her disappearance (fully six years later) somewhat disconcerting?

Why precisely are the media (and as a consequence the police) devoting so many resources to this one case? This is an important question because it says a lot, in my view, about what we are as a society. Let us be blunt, if a girl called Chardonnay from Romford whose stepdad was a bricklayer and mum a homemaker had gone missing six years ago, would we still find it main headline on the national and international news?

When I was a local Councillor for the area, a young Holywood lad called Martin Kelly disappeared on a New Year’s night out in Belfast. His disappearance remains a mystery to his friends and family. The local press has done its best – but where are the regional and even international appeals? He could be anywhere. Why would his case be any less important?

It appears to me, for all our talk about wanting social justice and a classless society, this whole thing demonstrates an unmistakeable media (and thus social) bias – the “blue-eyed blonde” syndrome.

I hope someone can tell me I’m being unfair. I also hope someone can help find Martin Kelly – http://www.ourmartykelly.com


One thought on “Why the Madeleine frenzy when so many more are missing?

  1. chris roche says:

    Mulroney says:
    You are NOT being unfair, Ian James Parsley.
    You’ve courageously pointed up something that’s rotten in the state of Denmark. The rotten smell comes from knickerless feminists whose life mission is to worm their way into the driving seat of the Greater Western Media Machine and promulgate their sick ideology of driving a wedge between adult males and male children and babies by spinning a myth that the life of a female child is for some obscure reason more precious than the life of a little boy or a baby boy (you’ll probably have noticed that the knickerless ones are careful to avoid overtly denigrating adult maledom (purely out of fear of the consequences), thus flattering the more gullible of men into thinking the knickerless ones are besotted with them), Sadly, the knickerless ones are often facilitated in their fascist machinations by male overseers whose usually keen senses are being blunted by a feeling of guilt arising from being addicted to hard core pornography which depicts women as being ‘Untermenschen,’ Third Reich Speak for ‘Subhumans;’ Be on the watch for the knickerless ones soon flying a pink kite for ”Women and Children First’ to be amended to ‘Women and Girls First.’ The Guardian will love it!

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