Public commemoration of Begley utterly uncivilized

I have no difficulty with any family member or friend wishing to remember a loved one, even if that loved one killed himself in a misguided terrorist campaign. However, to commemorate this publicly is utterly uncivilized, and grievously and gratuitously offensive to those he chose to murder. That is what is happening with Thomas Begley.

It is also challenging to the narrative of all sides.

After all, Sinn Fein now opposes those seeking to maim and murder for the sake of “Irish freedom”, yet its own President (he who also chose to remain silent over child abuse, lest we forget) carried Begley’s coffin.

Unionists will also no doubt express outrage – yet were unable to do similar over a parade a few weeks ago to commemorate Loyalist terrorist and sectarian murderer Brian Robinson.

This uncivilization is one of the reasons we do actually have to deal with the past. Failure to drive home the message that all terrorist campaigns from 1968 were illegitimate and bound to fail will lead to the continuation of such gratuitously offensive outrages (and thus the potential re-start of terrorist campaigns). Although it will not happen tomorrow, we have to move towards the stage where all sides accept that democracy is the way forward in 2013 – and always was. After all, if we fail to learn the lessons of history, we know what happens.

In short, it is time we all became civilized.


2 thoughts on “Public commemoration of Begley utterly uncivilized

  1. chris roche says:

    Mulroney says:
    Mr Parsley alleges that the terrorist campaign waged by PIRA against the English garrison army in the northern part of Ireland from 1969 onwards into the nineties was a failure. If this allegation were actually true there would be no need for the Sick Counties statelet to avail of the propaganda services of pedantic word jugglers and moral contortionists like Mr Parsley and his ilk, there would be no Pullie thugs and Orange Lil witches trying to road-rape Catholic territory in Belfast out of a perverted spirit of revenge, there would still be a civilised and vibrant UUP in place of an amoral illegal drugs-friendly despotic DUP, there would still be a UDR, RUC, and B-Specials unit, and there would exist today a half decent Norn Iron football team uncrippled by the unstoppable drift to the successful south, and, most pertinent of all, the totally untenable NI statelet wouldn’t currently be pathetically and mortifyingly sustained by a begging bowl as big as Lough Neagh and Sunny Jim Alistair’s motormouth combined!

  2. Jean martin says:

    Well said Chris, thanks.

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