UK risks making itself look foolish in Syria

It is, sadly, a commonly trodden path. A UK Prime Minister has an early military victory – say, in the Falklands, Sierra Leone or Libya – and then believes himself (or herself in the former case) to be a charge of a global superpower. If only the UK used what power it does have to better effect!

Yet again, the US has decided it will intervene – without a proper game plan – in the Middle East. Yet again, it needs the UK to make this intervention look vaguely reasonable. Yet again, the only possible outcome will be ugly. In fairness, the outcome will be ugly even without intervention. It is a no win.

However, my bigger concern is the democratic deficit in all of this. I know of almost no one in this (admittedly atypical) part of the UK who thinks military intervention in Syria is a good thing; and of absolutely no one who can explain exactly what intervention will occur, why, and to what outcome.

A real world power, as the people of the UK know, would use that power independently. The PM may think military intervention would get him another lovely round of tea on the White House lawn; but in fact standing up and saying “You know what, we’re not going to allow you to repeat the same mistake yet again” would win him far more friends among his own electorate…



4 thoughts on “UK risks making itself look foolish in Syria

  1. Ah, the lessons from the Suez Canal.

  2. madhava says:

    They can’t disobey their zionist masters . Obvious !

  3. Kieran says:

    I think the Russians called it right – The US have no evidence and that applies to its lackeys in the British Government. As for our politicians in NI, it would appear because the BBC says so then it must be true. The BBC are little more than a mouthpiece for the Government and this Government needs to be replaced.

  4. Clare says:

    The House of Commons made the right decision in regard to Syria.
    Apart from the fact that Britain is not the worldwide power that it was, it should not get involved in another Middle East dispute.
    It’s the duty of the United Nations to act for once and talk less.
    There is also not a lot of historical evidence to suggest that America is altogether a great supporter of the UK. Suez is only one example.

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