Shared Future Definition: the problem

We really do need to define a Shared Future to make any discussion of it remotely helpful. To do so, first we have to assess where we are – both the boring stuff to do with history (which I’ll touch on another day), and in terms of basic humanity.

My stepdaughter hurried in the other day to play to her mum and me the latest “1D” single. It was awful. So awful, we couldn’t even begin to hide the fact. Objectively truly awful. Yet when we indicated this view, she reacted with disgust. In her world, 1D singles cannot be awful purely by dint of being by 1D!

There is a simple truth here that we do not assess everything rationally and objectively. When something is done by our group, our team, our party or our side, we are instinctively favourable to it; and when it is done by a rival group, or team, or party, or side, we instinctively seek to oppose it.

This is a simple fact of human existence and behaviour. Any plan for a “Shared Future” has to take this on board.


4 thoughts on “Shared Future Definition: the problem

  1. Lord Nelson says:

    Which, in reference to paragraph 3, is why simply saying “I don’t like your parade”, shouldn’t be viewed as sufficient legitimacy to prohibit something.


  2. Yes, Ian, you are right. It is not just a ‘simple truth’ but a central truth of group psychology. It is the failure to understand this (emotionally as well as intellectually) that contributes to so many failures of attempts to make progress in inter-communal conflict.

  3. harryaswell says:

    How does one remove any blockage caused by “group” psychology?It would seem to me that ALL and every part of Ireland ‘s history has indeed been affected by this Group Psychology! Tribal thing surely. Normally, it will take hundreds of years to clear that to an accepted normality. Frankly, I don’t think it can be done. Look at other examples. The Irish Civil War. Many families in the Republic are STILL split by this.WW1and WW2 Many, and possibly most, British actually “hate” the German’s and Germany. NOT to mention France and the French, who still seem to hate everybody!All throughout Europe countries are split by past wars and abuses. WE are not alone in that. What IS abundantly clear is that in any shared future, it is vital that ALL sides agree to participate. So far, it seems that Sinn Fein and the Republican Movement have refused to participate in any meaningful way, and end up making the problem far worse.Shrines and GAA pitches named after recent IRA hero’s spring to mind. Attacking our British heritage at every opportunity!Fix all those problems and we do have a chance, otherwise we will have the problem for as long as the Falklands, Belgium et all!his also is reflected in the denigration of “our” union flag. All the sneers and smears cannot take away from the deliberate harm this does.

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