NIO must not fall for another community relations “groundhog day”

The Northern Ireland Office (NIO; implicitly, the UK Government) threatened the NI Executive with maintaining 2015 as Assembly Election year and the failure of a potential economic package if it didn’t get serious about a “Shared Future”.

The NIO needs to be quite clear – it still isn’t.

Despite this, the NIO has already yielded on the election date. Perhaps this is understandable – the same has happened in Scotland and Wales.

However, for any economic package to have a serious impact where it most needs to have one, a “Shared Future” needs to be central to it, not to come after it as the Finance Minister has advocated.

The NIO, civic society, the Alliance Party and everyone else needs to understand something clearly and indisputable: the DUP and Sinn Fein are not serious about a “Shared Future” and never will be.

I have said it countless times: a “Shared Future” doesn’t suit political parties who have built their entire power base on a “divided past”. Even if they believed in attaining one, they would have no motivation whatsoever to do so. That is why we have the “groundhog day” of yet another re-named document with no concrete “SMART” actions and no questions answered about where the funding is actually coming from.

If people want a “Shared Future”, they’re going to have to vote for one. By and large, so far, they haven’t.


5 thoughts on “NIO must not fall for another community relations “groundhog day”

  1. harryaswell says:

    Whilst wishing I could agree with you, the problem is, these actions are far too early to be sustainable just now. As I have said on many occasions, sectariansim is rife, all down the line and on all sides I might add. Also, the Dissident Republican activities are on the increase, and I do not believe the PSNI in their attempts to hide their failure to contain the problem. Until these problems are properly overcome the principle of a shared future doesn’t stand a dog’s chance in Hell. The same applies to taking down the barriers between communities. Until the people actually vote for a Shared Future, it just ain’t going to happen.

    • Michael McAlister says:

      harryaswell > ‘Until people actually vote for a shared future’. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t people vote for ‘peace’, under a banner of sorts, for a ‘shared future and where has that got us?……. people fighting hand to hand in the streets.
      “Peace’ for NI is….. not being ‘frisked’ when you enter Boots the Chemist or Marks & Spencer. The other type of Peace is ‘never gonna happen’


      • harryaswell says:

        I have already commented in another post about all this. We have been “bounced” into an agreement that is NOT an agreement! ONLY the SinnFein/IRA ppeople on the Republican side agreed. The Dissidents have NEVER agreed to anything apart from violence. That is the problem. As for being frisked going into shops, well, you must be in a time warp! That has not happened for years, and in any case was to prevent PIRA fire bomb attacks. The “other type of peace”?? What can ypu mean by that?

  2. Macca says:

    Ian J Parsley > The sad thing about ‘Groundhog Day’ (movie style) was that it had a bit of humour, a bit of wit and a bit of slapstick about it….. Our ‘Groundhog Day’ has none of those elements, just the dreary thought of ‘tit for tat’ politics day in …. and day out


  3. Macca says:

    >harryaswell… If you felt you were being ‘bounced’ why didn’t you say so at the time and vote NO… Don’t recall too many ‘We should vote NO back then’
    As for the time warp joke…. classic…. I didn’t say ‘frisking’ was a current thing.

    The other type of peace?…. Yeah i’ve written about that in ‘another post’


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